We offer a full suite of advertising services in Guyana. Our agency provides the local insight to ensure that the campaigns are crafted to be effective and relevant to the Guyanese context.

We can design from scratch or modify an existing campaign for local adoption.

Get key local advertising insights and allow us to book and place advertisements in the most strategic local markets to maximise your budget and key audience reach.

We can design and manage entire advertising campaigns from concept to completion.

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We offer a full suite of services including digital, social media, traditional and local marketing. We can help your company manage and implement marketing strategies that optimise your business goals. Our agency can plan and create complete strategies or modify existing strategies that take into account local dynamics. Additionally we help monitor local responses and offer insights to modify and optimise your targets.

From trade show implementation, outdoor signage, branding and event management our agency is here to get it done.



Perception Inc is a professional, broadcast standard compliant video production company. The company delivers high quality productions with full access to professional talent for filmmaking, sound design, music licencing and acting. We provide copyright compliant videos and provide creative services to get your messages across easily and effectively, let us show how video can improve your business.

From concept to creation, we are the go-to professionals in Guyana, from corporate videos, training video, explainers, marketing videos, trade show videos, commercials, documentary and short films we are here to help you look better than the competition.

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Our team is second to none. We are proficient with the international standards of design and can create designs to complement any campaign.  We understand the subtleties that make for effective local design.

Perception Inc. has access to a library of licenced images and designs, local artists, cartoonists and graphic artists that can put that local flair into the mix